Progress your iPhone app development - 27 Aug 2010

So you have an idea for an iphone application.  Where do you go from here to start your iphone app development?

The best thing you can do is to write down your idea in full.  The benefit for this is that it will help you think about the various sections your app may have.  Try to do at least a paragraph, and try to be precise rather than waffle away for pages and pages.

If you have certain ideas about how you think the app might function, then draw a quick sketch.  The sketch (this is optional) only has to be rough – don’t go to town, pencil and paper is fine.  Don’t try to ‘design’ the app, just do a functional diagram of what you may expect to find on any “home screen”.

If you have an iPhone then search for similar apps and see what features you like and what features you don’t like.  There are probably many ways to present your content in your iphone app decide which you like and which you don’t.  Buy your competition’s iphone apps if possible (if you have competition) and see what they are like.

If you don’t have an iPhone then try and gain access to one, or use a friend’s iPhone as much as you can.  You’ll get an idea of the basics of downloading and using apps – this is essential.  If you want to buy one to try them out (recommended) the minimum we’d suggest is to buy an iPod Touch – currently they are £250ish, and so are cheaper long term than an iPhone.

We’ll expand on these points above in a later blog post (with examples).  But these points will really help you as you discuss and develop your iPhone app:

  • Write out (at least) a paragraph about the aim of your app
  • Draw a picture if you have an idea of how you wish your app to function
  • Research the competition
  • Know how  iPod touch/iPhone apps work
  • Call Signature digital on 0116 326 0900 to discuss your idea!

Good luck with your project!

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