Android apps by Signature - 11 May 2011

Android is the Google smartphone operating system which they have open sourced and is now being developed and updated regularly by the open handset alliance which not only includes Google but also T-Mobile, Intel, HTC and many more companies.

The difference between a Smartphone and a normal mobile phone is huge. There are around 400,000 android smartphones registered every day and a total of around 100 million have been sold to date, this is because of the enormous amount of features a smartphone has and the reasonable price tag some of them carry.

Common to many smartphones are the apps.  An app is a simple (or sometimes complex) program that is installed on the smartphone and performs a certain task.  That task could be to keep a record of expenses, it could be a game or it could be an app that lets you update your Facebook status on the go. Android apps are always the biggest selling point for any android smartphone, the reason being the amount of apps the android market offers has surpassed 100,000 and it’s still expanding.

android smartphones

Signature Digital are one of the leading companies in the UK developing Android Apps for businesses.

Android phones are really useful for businesses because of the instant on-the-go access to email.  You can edit word and excel documents and even remote control your office PC from the phone.

In relation to which is the best android smartphone for business users the contenders for the title are the Samsung Galaxy Fit, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro, HTC Wildfire, Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Desire HD.

The cheapest is the Samsung Galaxy Fit, it is smart looking, stylish, practical and although for the average business user the lack of internal memory compared to the others might be a turn off, it can carry up to a 32GB memory card as well as coming with 2GB internal memory as standard. The price of the Galaxy Fit comes in at just under £100 which is a small investment for any business.

If you’re looking to spend a bit more for your Android smartphone then why not go for X10 Mini Pro or the HTC Wildfire, the Wildfire being the more expensive of the two, although still fairly cheap at around £130. The Mini Pro is the smaller of the two with the screen only around 2.5 inches whereas the Wildfire has a 3.2 inch screen. Surprisingly though the bigger of the two phones, the Wildfire, is also the lightest. The wildfire is easier to handle due to the tiny size of the mini pro. The wildfire has a touch screen to use as the interface whereas the mini pro not only has a touch screen but also slides and reveals a qwerty keypad underneath, so for those who struggle with touch screens then the x10 mini pro is the one for you and vice versa.

For those that only want the very best, then the most expensive and best of the android phones are Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Desire HD which both cost around £400. They’re both big phones with a screen size of around 4 inches. In our opinion the Galaxy S outshines the Desire on everything apart from screen size.  If you are spending this much on a phone you’ll want to compare the full specs n more details, but take our word that apart from the screen we think you’ll like the Galaxy more.

If you’ve not used a smartphone before then you’ll love getting an Android Phone (alternatively you could consider an iPhone). There are so many apps to download and play with that you’ll always find apps that are helpful and apps that are so much fun they’ll eat up hours of your time – try Angry Birds!

Signature Digital are Android App developers.  We strive to achieve added value for our business partners, delivering a proactive first class and personable service through attention to detail.

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