iPhone 5 Rumours

iPhone 5 Rumours - 10 Sep 2012

As the world waits in anticipation for the arrival of the latest iPhone, we have tried to summarise some of the more believable and well sourced pre-release leaks. Apple, who recently released official invites to the global gathering in San Francisco, made no mistake about putting an enormous hint on the invites. The number 5…

The state of the Tablet market

The state of the Tablet market - 3 Sep 2012

Buying a tablet in today’s market is fun whether for business or pleasure, these versatile devices meet the demands of both lifestyles! As Tim Cook addressed the WWDC in March 2012 he introduced the new iPad and spent a significant time referring to a “post PC world”, a world, which saw people using tablets more than traditional PC’s for completing the bulk of their work.