iPhone 5 Rumours - 10 Sep 2012

As the world waits in anticipation for the arrival of the latest iPhone, we have tried to summarise some of the more believable and well sourced pre-release leaks.

Apple, who recently released official invites to the global gathering in San Francisco, made no mistake about putting an enormous hint on the invites. The number 5 is clear to see, and some sites are claiming that this puts an end the many rumours over the name of the new phone. Some sites have suggested the next Apple phone would follow the same naming convention as the latest iPad iteration and be called ‘The New iPhone’, while others are claiming the 5 represents the ability to have 5 rows of apps on the homepage rather than meaning it will definitely be called iPhone 5.

Bigger Screen

Firstly, the biggest and most talked about rumour has to be the new screen. It was one of the first rumours to surface, and not because it was sourced that way, perhaps it was just because it was the most desired change than consumers wanted! The new screen is anticipated to be 4 inches in size and have a resolution of 640 x 1136.

Redesigned Body

Another rumour is that the body has been upgraded to a more unibody style. This would mean the removal of the rear glass panel which will allow for a sleaker, thinner design. The removal of the rear glass panel is welcomed by us as this is one of the most common problems with the current iPhone; they crack so easily upon hitting a hard surface. A thinner design would also probably mean that Apple would have to downscale the size of the screen’s thickness making the new the phone an all-round lighter and neater package.

Redesigned Ear Buds

Perhaps a slightly more surprising change is the newly designed headphones. This rumour has been well backed up by photos online and also by a patent filed by Apple for what they are calling ‘vented in-the-ear headphones‘.  The headphones have been designed and constructed to remove the echo sometimes heard when making calls on your phone.

Smaller Pin Dock

One of more controversial changes is the rumour of the new phone having a smaller pin dock port rather than the current 30-pin connection. As great as this sounds in terms of design, sadly it may leave many people disgruntled as existing sound system and other docking devices they have purchased will no longer be compatible without some kind of conversion kit. For years, in fact from the start of the iPod design, Apple has never changed this design and so this is a pretty bold change. Alongside the new dock connector it is also rumoured the headphone socket will now be located in the same area on the bottom of the phone, again this might be a change that is unpopular with some consumers.

There are more features that people are hoping will make there way into the phone, NFC, nano SIM, 4G connectivity etc. Looking at the rumours that are already at large, we think it is safe to say Apple have something pretty special to show us on 12th September.

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