Expected iPhone 5S and 5C Details From Today’s Live Apple Event - 10 Sep 2013

Today at 6pm GMT, Apple will reveal the iPhone 5S and 5C at their Keynote event in California. The entire world has been waiting for the next iPhone to be revealed, with rumours consisting of both reasonable and ridiculous predictions circling the internet since May this year, but finally Apple will show us what the latest iPhone will do for us. In anticipation, Signature Digital have rounded up the most realistic of these rumours for you to read through as you count down the seconds to 6pm.

The biggest rumour for the future of iPhones as a whole has been fingerprint scanning. Earlier this year, Australian teenager Sonny Dickson, who’s been responsible for many iPhone related leaks over the years, posted a picture of what appeared to be the iPhone home device, with a fingerprint scanner at its center. David Webber, managing director of Intelligent Environments recently commented on this rumour, stating that the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner would convince a staggering 41% of British consumers to access their bank accounts on their phones. This adds weight to the prediction, as all banks are releasing or have released apps for the iPhone, and would most likely invest in the new technology for their customers. It’s likely that the scanner, if it exists at all, will only be included in the 5S, since the 5C is supposed to be a budget smartphone, though there’s no real conformation it’s on either at the moment.

Rumours surrounding the iPhone 5S

  • The iPhone 5S will be the first phone CEO Tim Cook has had total control over creating since the death of Steve Jobs, meaning its success could be an indicator of Apple’s future.
  • The camera in the 5S could be anything from 8mp to 13mp according to a host of rumours, though all also hint at the phones ability to record at 1080p. There could also be a dual flash for the camera, and a slow motion feature.
  • The 5S will use a new A7 Samsung chipset, which is 31 percent faster than the chipset used in the iPhone 5.
  • The 5S will come in a total of 5 colours, including the classic black and white, steely graphite, and a showy champagne gold.
  • One rumour suggests the reveal of the 5S and 5C will be accompanied by the release date of IOS7, given that with most previous Apple firmware updates, a new iPhone hasn’t been far behind of in front.
  • The 5S is rumoured to go on sale on September 20th, just ten days after the keynote event, with IOS7 launching the same day.
  • The new rumoured screen resolution for the 5S is 1.5 million Pixels, which is double that of the 5, which has 727,040.
  • The last rumour (which is pretty out there) is that the new phone will include a wireless charging system. This system is known as near-field magnetic resonance, though it should be noted this could well be held back and perfected for the iPhone 6. Near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR) is essentially the transmission of energy from one coil to another. Both coils will resonate on the same frequency, but only one will transmit energy, which is called ‘ringing’. When one coil is ringing, it generates a magnetic field, which is what the second coil will pick up energy from and charge a battery using. The energy can be picked up from some distance away, and lasts for a good amount of time, which is what makes it perfect for phones. If this rumour is true, it will completely change the look of iPhone chargers.

Rumours surrounding the iPhone 5C

  • The 5C is Apple’s first budget phone, making it a new frontier for the company. Supposedly the phone will cost around $350 out of contract, and $99 when subsidized with one.
  • The 5C looks like a cross between the 3GS and the 5, coming with rounded edges and a scratch resistant plastic shell, which isn’t only practical, but comes in a wide range of colours.
  • The specs of the 5C will obviously be diminished to keep it affordable, but no one can really predict just how diminished they’ll be. The phone could be just a step under the 5 for a fraction of the price, or it could simply be a modernized 3GS.
  • The 5C is targeted for international markets, particularly China, where android phones are the most popular. Apple will be holding a sister keynote event in Beijing just nine hours after the Californian one, which is said to be dedicated to the 5C and the new budget smartphone market it targets.

If you can’t make it to the event in California or Beijing, then head over to one of the many livestreams of the Californian event that can be found on any number of websites, just get there before six if you want to be the first to know.

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