Signature Digital’s Favourite iOS Games - 16 Sep 2013

With over 100,000 games readily available on the Appstore today, it can be hard to choose a game to purchase, or even download for free, that you know is going to be both enjoyable and worth your time. We’ve put together a list of our favourite iOS games for both iPad and iPhone so you can get an idea of what’s good out there at the moment from iOS developers. If we don’t know what iOS games are good then who does?

Flick Kick Football – Chris’ Favourite iOS Game

flick kick football

Chris likes to practice the precision of his football strikes when he finds himself with a few spare minutes, which is why he loves Flick Kick Football. The game is based around kicking a football into a goal, if you hadn’t guessed already, and offers a variety of different modes for players to try out, from penalty shootouts, to precision target hitting. The global leaderboards bring a sense of community to the game, and Chris can often be found playing at his desk at the end of the day, attempting to knock the world’s best score down below his own.

Flick Kick Football is completely free and well-worth downloading if you’re looking for something you can come back to in short bursts. Follow the link to download it now.

Osmos For iPad – Joe’s Favourite iOS Game

osmos for ipad

Joe is a web designer, and he loves Osmos For iPad because of how great it looks, the regular updates it gets, and the intelligent gameplay. Initially the concept of Osmos is fairly simple, you’re a blue orb in a world where orbs are absorbed by any orb bigger than them. Your task is to get bigger by absorbing smaller orbs, and work your way up to being the biggest in the area, at least at first. As the game goes on and you unlock more levels, the aim for each becomes a bit more complicated than just ‘become the biggest’. It takes a bit of thinking to move around safely, as the more you move, the smaller you get and the more dangerous the area becomes.

When I asked Joe why he liked Osmos For iPad so much, he said, “It’s one of the first games I bought on my iPhone 3GS years ago, but the most recent version for retina iPad is the best. I love it because it looks beautiful and it’s very playable, a perfect balance of form and function. It seems very simple at first, and conceptually it is, but there’s a lot of depth to the game that you discover as you play. It has a brilliant soundtrack too. I never get tired of this game I think it has great replay value.

You can get Osmos For iPad for £2.99 on the Appstore, a real bargain considering the number of levels it has, and constant updates mean that you’ll have hours and hours of fun replaying this game.

New Star Soccer – Matt’s Favourite iOS Game

new star soccer

New Star Soccer is a football management game with all the added extras you could ever want. Players manage their career as a football player from humble beginnings to full-blown celebrity status, taking care of everything that comes with the life of a professional football player. The game requires players to manage their fitness, both their personal relationships and those with the team and manager, where they live, and what expensive products they buy with their hard-earned cash. The game is incredibly addictive, sometimes occupying Matt for hours at home without him even noticing.

When I asked Matt why he likes New Star Soccer he told me because it’s incredibly addictive, easy to pick up, has loads of potential for players to grow their career (almost never-ending), let’s you effectively play Football Manager but take part in the matches as well, and because you can pick up and put down the game whenever you want and still have a great time with it.

You can pick up New Star Soccer from the Appstore for free, and considering the amount of content you get for that low cost of nothing, it’s definitely a game you should get, even if you don’t enjoy football.

Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket To Ride – Dan’s Favourite iOS game(s)


settlers of catan

ticket to ride

Dan couldn’t choose his favourite iOS game so instead gave me the three he thinks are equally great, at least it makes readers aware of more great games.

Carcassonne is an iOS version of the popular board game. Players need to grow a medieval landscape by revealing it steadily, deploying their followers along the route to help them win the game. Carcassonne is a social board game, which is why Dan loves it, and only gets better with more players. At £6.99 on the Appstore this is probably the most expensive game on the page, but there’s so much to it that there’s no way you’ll ever regret parting with that money.

Settlers Of Catan is another iOS version of a popular board game. Players need to gather resources from dice rolls to grow and develop their settlements, exchanging various combinations of resources for cities, and roads. Settlers is another social board game that gets better with more people, but there’s a lot more strategy involved, with short games taking around two hours sometimes. Settlers Of Catan can be purchased for £2.99 on the Appstore, and is a really great game if you’re looking for something that involves a bit more thinking. There are also in-app purchases that unlock the board game expansions, meaning you can spend even longer playing a single game against friends or AI.

Ticket To Ride is Dan’s final favourite choice of iOS game, yet another based on a popular board game. Ticket To Ride is easy to learn and incredibly addictive once you’ve gotten into it, tasking players with journeying to the most cities in North America in 7 days. The game has a delightful back-story and, again, is very sociable. At £4.99 on the Appstore the game isn’t cheap, but it offers a lot for your money, and is another one that gets you thinking much more than most others.

NOVA – Jamie’s Favourite iOS Game


NOVA is a first person shooter that was released right at the beginning of the Appstore’s existence. I had this game on my iPhone 3GS and it was really addictive, not because the story was amazing, it’s not that great, but because the gameplay was really fun. There’s nothing better for chilling out when you’re stressed than loading this up, getting the sniper rifle out, and shooting a bunch of aliens in the head. The game has loads to come back for, the awesome multiplayer for example, and it’s fairly cheap at £2.99. If you’re looking for a series to invest in on iOS then this could well be it, as the developers have released two more NOVA games to sink your teeth into after this one.

Minion Rush – Lucy’s Favourite iOS Game

minion rush

Minion Rush is a game that uses Temple Run’s unbeatable gameplay style, but fits it into the universe of Despicable Me, arguably one of the best animated movies of 2013. Players control one of Gru’s Minions as they dash about his secret layer collecting bananas and staying out of danger, sort of, in an attempt to with the Employee Of The Year Trophy.

When I asked Lucy why she liked Minion Rush so much she told me because it gets loads of updates, and it’s really addictive, just one of those games you can’t really put down as you want another go.

Minion Rush is free on the Appstore, it’s great if you really like games like Temple Run, though this is probably better because of the insane randomness of the Minions.

Badland and 8 Ball Pool – Nigel’s Favourite iOS Games


8 ball pool

Badland is a 2D side-scrolling platformer set in a beautifully created forest. Players control the inhabitants of the forest, moving them through a series of traps, growing in complexity, as they discover that all isn’t well in their home. Nigel likes Badland because of its challenging puzzles, great artwork and brilliant story.

At £2.49 Badland isn’t expensive at all, and gives you more than your money’s worth in terms of content, but you’ve got to love platformers to love this game, if you’re looking for action shooters then this isn’t the game for you.

8 Ball Pool is another game that can be social or anti-social, depending on how long you want to be playing. Obviously this is a pool game in which you play against the game’s AI, however, you can also play against others online around the world. This isn’t a game you can make two moves in an hour in, you need to commit to finishing the match if you’re playing against someone, but luckily the matches only take about six minutes to finish.

For £0.69 you too can own 8 Ball Pool, and play against Nigel whenever he’s online. This game is definitely worth the price if you put in the time, but if you want something more than just a game of pool on your phone or tablet then maybe you should buy something else.

Orbital – Ian’s favourite iOS game


Orbital is a real game of skill, and everyone in the office is a big fan of the tense puzzler. Players need to fire their orb into the floating orbs above the cannon. Each floating orb can be hit three times by yours before it will explode and reward you with a point. Your task is to explode as many of these orbs as possible, however, if your orb drops too low and falls into the death line, the game ends and you have your final score.

There can be some really intense moments in Orbital, and it’s well worth the £1.99 you need to buy it from the Appstore. Ian loves this game for the challenge it presents, and no matter how frustrated he may get with it he’ll always go back for more if he thinks he can beat his score.

There we have it, everyone’s favourite iOS games. I will end on one more that’s a hidden gem on the Appstore, and it’s free in case you were wondering. Flow Free is a puzzler tasking you with connecting coloured lines with their respective pipes, which sounds easy but is really tough in places. Lucy has beaten 998 of the 1000 levels she has for the app and works on the last two daily. Constant updates mean you’ll always have new challenges ahead of you.

flow free

Check back on our blog later to see if everyone’s changed their minds in a month or so.

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