What Are The Actual New Features In The iPhone 5S And 5C? - 11 Sep 2013

Last night’s Apple keynote event gave us the full details of what we can expect from the latest iPhone, the 5S, and the new budget iPhone aimed at the international market, the 5C. To make it a bit clearer for you we’ve split the details below, covering the specific details for each iPhone, and the ones that feature on both.

iPhone 5C

As we mentioned in our last post, the 5C is a first for Apple. An iPhone that’s not only aimed at the international market, with a core focus on China, but also the first budget iPhone, retailing at cheaper prices than previous iPhones at launch.

The 5C features much of the same technology used in the iPhone 5, though with newer hardware it is definitely still a step up. The 5C carries the same processor, camera, and display, but comes with a new FaceTime camera that’s said to perform better in low-light situations, using larger pixels to make you more visible in the dark.

As a smartphone the 5C will perform well on all fronts, from casual gaming and listening to music, to photography. However, the phone is noticeably underpowered when compared to the 5S, understandably.

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you could get up to 32GB of storage with the 5C for around £126 ($199). You’ll also have the chance to choose from the range of vibrant colours the phone’s available in, and if you really want to express yourself you can invest in one of the new cases built to compliment the 5C’s colours.

If you’re looking for more brand new features then the 5C probably isn’t the new iPhone for you, but the 5S definitely is.

iPhone 5S

Unrealised until now. Indispensable from now on. These are Apple’s own words describing what they think of the latest, and best, iPhone to date, the 5S. Just how indispensible is this latest smartphone?

If you love your security, photography, and mobile gaming, then this iPhone probably is indispensible to you. A brand new chipset makes this the most powerful iPhone to date, giving it the ability to display graphics on a par with older desktop computers and macs. The A7 Samsung chip has 64-bit architecture, making the 5S capable of processing more information at a faster speed than ever seen before in a smartphone. What this means for users is the ability to do more with bigger apps, and have bigger and better apps than ever before.

Touch ID is one of the new, and expected, features with the 5S. The rumoured leak of a fingerprint scanner from a certain Australian teenager was completely true, and the 5S uses it to help keep your information more secure. Currently the fingerprint scanner will function as a lock for the phone, as well as act as a sort of passport for buying apps, books and music without using a password on the Appstore, iBooks and iTunes. Though there’s no word yet on whether or not more apps than just the pre-installed ones will be able to use the scanner it’s worth remembering, as we mentioned yesterday, 41% of British consumers alone would be more likely to use mobile banking if their bank’s app had the use of a fingerprint scanner. A handy point to note about Touch ID is that no matter what way round your fingerprint is, it will recognise it, and your phone can be set to store multiple fingerprints that you trust.

Along with the new A7 chipset, Apple has installed an M7 coprocessor for the 5S. The M7 coprocessor is just what it sounds like, a processor that works alongside the A7 chip. What the coprocessor measures is motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass, a task usually left to the main chip which is why apps using this data drained so much battery. Now however, apps using motion data will use much less battery power and perform better, as the M7 coprocessor can tell when you move from walking, to running, and even to driving a car. You won’t be prompted to join up with Wi-Fi networks as you pass them now, and your navigation will automatically alter depending on how you’re travelling according to the new coprocessor. More fitness apps are expected to use the new coprocessor, creating a new level of fitness measurement on iPhones.

Among all the rumours for the 5S, a new camera was a common feature. The iSight camera was revealed for the 5S yesterday, and includes a wide range of modes for taking pictures with, including slow motion. A new True Tone Flash allows the 5S to calculate the perfect light level for taking a photo, and the auto image stabilization helps to stop photos blurring. Anyone worried about taking great panoramic photos can rest easy, as the 5S automatically adjusts exposure to secure the best photo possible in one sweeping motion. To top all this off, the 5S will also allow for HD video recording, giving users the chance to record the best home movies of their lives. Slow motion video means that you can record something, select the part you want, and then see it go by in slow motion from the speedy 720p recording you just made. The FaceTime camera has also been upgraded to provide better performance in any light level, making nighttime video calls much easier, just like with the 5C.

The iPhone 5S has up to 13 LTE bands. What this means is that downloads will be faster all around the world, especially with an ever-increasing range of supported carriers. The 5S will come with iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, big programs that are capable of hundreds of tasks, and they’re all free to owners of the 5S.

Lastly, the 5S will be available in three colours, gold, silver, and space grey, doing away with the classic black and white styles of previous iPhones.

The Double Feature

To top off all of the news about the two new phones and all their respective features coming from Apple in the very near future, 20th of September, there’s a whole new iOS coming to support them, and some earlier generations of iPhone. iOS7 will be pre-installed on the 5C and 5S, featuring the best and most-powerful iOS to date. More intuitive controls and added abilities are just some of the amazing features arriving with this new operating system, read our last article on it for more details.

There’s no doubt that thousands of people will be trying to secure their new iPhones before the release date. We’ll be bringing you more information as it develops on this, and other technology news.

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