Apple’s October 22nd Event Preview - 17 Oct 2013

On the morning of October 15th lucky journalists received their invitations to Apple’s product rollout event, which will take place in San Francisco on October 22nd. A satellite event will also take place in London at the same time, meaning that whatever Apple is going to reveal, it’s aimed primarily at the western market, whereas the iPhone 5C for example was targeted for the Chinese smartphone market, where the relevant satellite event took place. Rumours have long been circulating about the next generations of the iPad and iPad Mini, the new Mac Pro, the future of Macboook Pros and Macbook Air laptops, and future technology being researched by Apple, but nothing concrete has been found until recently. We don’t know for sure what Apple will reveal, but we have gathered together all the things they might talk about below.

The iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2

The latest generations of iPad are what most people expect to feature at this event. Images of new cases and many different rumours relating to the new products have been posted over the last few weeks, and it is about the right time for Apple to release their yearly update for their tablet devices.

Included in the rumours surrounding the new iPads is, Touch ID for both the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, a retina display iPad Mini 2 (though Apple are apparently experiencing issues getting the parts for the display), 4G iPads, and a range of available colours for both the iPad and the iPad Mini 2.

There seem to be a lot of rumours saying that the iPad Mini 2, if not the iPad 5 as well, will be available in a range of bright colours as the iPhone 5C was. The reason behind this is the invitation I mentioned initially. The bright colours are an obvious starting point for the rumour, but many think the choice of words on it, “We still have a lot to cover”, also suggests something to do with the appearance of the new iPads.

ipad 5 and ipad mini 2

New Mackbook Pro Models

Updated Macbook Pro models are also expected at the product rollout event, as there is better technology available for Apple to use that will offer customers a much better computer. The new Macbook Pros are rumoured to be powered by fourth Generation Core “Haswell” processors, which provide better battery life in the latest Macbook Air models as was seen at 2013’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Macbook pros will improved displays have been disregarded as rumours for the moment, as many believe this would be a feature Apple will include in the future but not at the moment, not for this range.

macbook pro 2013

New Mac Mini Models

Similarly to the Macbook Pro, Mac Minis still don’t use fourth Generation Core “Haswell” processors. If Apple do announce a new range of one, they will most certainly announce a new range of the other, as this will bring all of their Mac products up to spec using the same great processors.

mac mini 2013

OSX Mavericks

For months now Mac users have been eagerly waiting for the next generation of OS that will further improve their experience as a user on their Macs, Macbook Pros, and Macbook Airs. There are loads of new features coming with OSX Mavericks, but hopefully a few more will be revealed at the event, alongside a release date (soon please) that will stop us wondering when we can start using it.

osx mavericks

Mac Pro

We’ve all seen and used the webpage for the new desktop tower Mac Pro, but we want to see more, and really we just want to have it. News on the Mac Pro was promised for mid-November (next month), but very little has been heard from Apple on the subject since then. Rumours suggest that Apple will, at the very least, confirm a release date, or push it back to some time next year. We’re excited about the power of this device, and want to begin using it to push our development work to the next level.

mac pro

Apple TV

The long-rumoured big-screen Apple TV probably won’t feature at this event, the product saw an upgrade earlier this year which expanded upon its graphical capabilities, and so many think there won’t be a new generation of devices until next year at least.



Rumours of Apple’s smartphone watch have been around for a very long time, but this event probably won’t even see a mention of it. Most think the product rollout event is mainly for the new iPad generations, and any news of an iWatch would definitely overshadow that, possibly affecting the all-important iPad Christmas sales. That said, Apple is believed to be researching a plethora of improvements to their products, and the iWatch could be announced at an event early next year alongside those.

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