iPad Mini 2 And iPad 5 Rumour Roundup - 22 Oct 2013

Just a few short weeks after the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5c, and we’re already thinking about Apple’s next releases, the iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5. Not much is known about Apple’s next generations of iPad, though details and a release date are expected this month.

Last October, Apple held an event at which they introduced two tablets, the fourth-generation iPad, and the iPad Mini. This year Apple is holding another event, at which they may reveal, not only the new operating system OSX Mavericks and the new Mac Pro, but also the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.

apple ipad event 22nd october

iPad Mini 2

Rumours surrounding the iPad Mini 2 seem to be focused more on the screen than anywhere else, though other specifications for the device are set to have changed. Everyone hopes that the iPad Mini 2 has ‘retina’ display, a term coined by Apple that describes a display on which the human eye cannot see pixilation at normal viewing distance.

Some sources suggest that the iPad Mini 2 won’t have retina display, which hasn’t been very popular with those looking to purchase the device. Earlier this year images coded for an iPad Mini 2 with standard display were found, leading to the suggestion of two versions of the device on launch day, similar to the latest iPhone releases. This news was accompanied by more details telling the world that Apple was testing both 32-bit and 64-bit processors in the new device. This could suggest Apple are producing retina and non-retina versions of the iPad Mini 2, offering a cheaper product that fits with their aim of breaking into budget markets.

Many were expecting to be able to buy an iPad Mini 2 in the next couple of months, but they might find it hard given the recent problems Apple have had with producing the device. Apple are rumoured to have delayed the release until early 2014 due to problems acquiring parts related to the product’s display, which is annoying but at the same time could suggest that the iPad Mini 2 will only use one kind of display, retina.

In addition to a new screen, the iPad Mini 2 is also rumoured to feature the same Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology used in the iPhone 5S. This technology was met with mixed reviews recently, as many have found that their fingerprint scanners will open for other people’s fingerprints, and even a cat’s paw. However, these negative reviews are countered by many, including Signature Digital’s Managing Director, who say their fingerprint scanners work really well, and that they’ve never experienced any problems with it. Will Touch ID be the biggest mistake Apple have made for their new phone and tablet generations? Only time will tell.

touch id

John Lewis has openly predicted that the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, should they release in the next month, will be the best-selling Christmas gifts of 2013. With the aforementioned issues Apple has been experiencing with the iPad Mini 2’s display however, it could be that Apple’s sales will take a hit, as only one of their new devices would be available in the busiest shopping period of the year.

Anyone who was impressed with the colours of iPhone 5S on offer should love this next rumour. The colour variations, Space Grey, Silver and Gold are all rumoured to be available for the new iPad Mini 2 as well, though if the devices are as scarce as the iPhone 5S was on launch day, customers may struggle to get any colour. Outside of the stores, which only had about 100 iPhone 5S’s each, the gold iPhone 5S sold out within 3 minutes online on launch day, so pre orders are thoroughly recommended.

Today, Apple is holding an event, much like the event last year at which they announced the fourth-generation iPad and iPad Mini. Among the products sure to be discussed are OSX Mavericks, the new operating system for Macs, as well as the new cylindrical Mac Pro, and the latest generations of iPad and iPad mini.

iPad 5

Even less has been revealed about the iPad 5 than has been about the iPad Mini 2. The usual specification upgrades are expected, with a new front and rear camera being used to match that of the latest iPhones, and rumours suggest that both new iPads will come in a range of colours as the iPhone 5C did. This rumour stems from the invitation Apple has sent out for its event, which featured the top of the Apple logo with many different coloured versions of the leaf floating around it.

apple invitation

Prices for the iPad 5 are rumoured to be at around £739 for the top tier 128GB WI-FI with 4G model. The capacity and capabilities of the latest iPad will no doubt justify the price, but this is still a large amount of money to part with for a device you might only have for a year until a newer version is released.

Leaks of the casing for the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 put them at roughly the same depth, 7mm, which would make the new iPad feel incredibly sleek and stylish. This would also mean the new iPad can fit into even more places, perfect for commuters who struggle to fit all everything they need into their bag.

Overall, many expect the iPad Mini 2 to outsell the iPad 5 by almost a 2:1 ratio. As I mentioned earlier however, with Apple experiencing issues relating to the iPad Mini 2’s display, this rumour could get turned on its head. Let us know what you think of the new iPads by contacting us.

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