What Is Quixey And How Can It Help App Developers? - 28 Oct 2013

Quixey is an intuitive app search engine that’s changing the way we search for apps. The search engine, currently only available as an app on Android devices, takes user search queries and uses them to find an app, producing results based on what apps are capable of, rather than just their name. But what does this mean for app developers?

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We think the news is good on all fronts where Quixey is concerned. The app takes the search query, “app to track running”, for example, and provides results for apps that track running, one day providing results even if that tracking ability is hidden within an app’s initial capabilities. Currently app stores try to match search queries with the names of apps, resulting in bizarre results at times. Quixey’s intuitive way of finding apps could well be the future of app stores, if it’s able to move to multiple platforms.

Quixey is currently free on Android, as the company wants to get as much feedback as possible before they move onto another platform. With Android, Quixey also hopes to find any bugs with their paradigm, allowing them to make any changes necessary before they expand.

Some are referring to Quixey as Google for apps, as the company has plans to offer similar services. Currently the app simply provides great results, but in the future sponsored results will be added to give apps a leg up in the search engine rankings. It’s the final point here, if any, that could be Quixey’s downfall, as users already avoid such sponsored results in Google, so how will they react on an app store?

Quixey want to break down the barriers between app stores, and provide their app to users of a number of smartphones and operating systems. If they succeed then there could be a benefit for developers producing apps across multiple platforms such as Android and iOS.

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For app developers, Quixey represents a better way to have apps found on the app store without needing to spam the descriptions incoherently in order to appear for the correct terms. With Quixey, a developer’s app will be found based on what it can do, not what it’s called, and as time goes on and more features are added, the app will only appear for additional searches. If developers want to give their app a push for a week or two, then they could pay for it to appear in sponsored results to get its name out there, though as I mentioned before, this could prove ineffective given current search trends elsewhere.

Overall, Quixey seems like a solid app that’s going to change the face of the app store. With a more intuitive search engine, smartphone users will benefit from knowing their apps are useful to them, as opposed to having to sift through 5 or more to find an app containing the feature they’re after, and that will be the largest benefit to app developers there has been for a long time.

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