Our experience working with pharmaceutical companies - 19 Nov 2013

We’ve made iPad apps and browser-based training courses for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Along the way, we’ve come to understand some of the unique challenges that biotechnology companies face when operating in the pharmaceutical industry. We’ve learned to work in a way that makes things as easy and seamless as possible for our clients.

We can work to short deadlines if required

We understand that even with the best intentions and meticulous planning, sometimes the goalposts are moved part way through a process. A project to create iPad apps and e-training courses in other formats invariably involves various stakeholders that are concerned with different aspects of the work. Working in relationship with project managers, specialist medical writers, IT departments and external contractors can sometimes pose deadline challenges, and we’re used to adapting and working flexibly in order to accommodate sudden or unforeseen deadlines.


We know the medical and legal approval processes

The pharmaceutical industry is unique when it comes to medical and legal approval of marketing materials and staff training resources. We understand how crucial this is to operation and compliance, and we’re used to it. Many of our clients require different versions of apps for different countries or territories – not just because of language translation, but also because of subtle variation in content and wording.

We also understand that it can sometimes be a headache for our clients to get their material approved internally before it’s delivered to us, so we always work with our clients to help this process along where ever we can, liaising with the necessary teams and individuals as needed.

We align with your exacting editorial personnel

The little details matter to us, too. When we turn your content into a working iPad app, all of your punctuation, references and mathematical symbols will be re-created exactly as you supplied them. We’re happy to work closely with your specialist medical writers to get everything exactly correct.

We know about last minute label and content changes

In a project that is important to several stakeholders working in different teams, amendments are invariably necessary at some point in the process. Often, these changes come up near the end, once the content has already been approved and the end is in sight. We know this is sometimes unavoidable and that’s ok: we’ll make the changes quickly and efficiently.

We’re proactive about liaising with internal IT departments

The IT departments in large pharmaceutical companies have specific security criteria that must be adhered to when deploying software on their system, and we’ll work with our clients’ IT teams when developing their apps, to avoid any technical issues.

It also often comes down to the internal IT department to make new or amended apps available on an existing internal company app store, so we’ll liaise with the right people in order to deploy the new software.

Can we help you?

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