Google Nexus 5 Launched, Developers Initial Spec Review - 1 Nov 2013

“Just in time for Halloween”, is what Google wrote in their latest blog post yesterday, which not only announced the release of the latest version of Android, KitKat, but also the release of their new smartphone, the Nexus 5. Taking full advantage of the official Nexus 5 website, we wanted to bring you the actual technical specifications of the latest Android phone we’ll be developing for.

nexus 5

The first feature you’ll notice is also one of the most impressive, the screen. Using Corniong Gorilla Glass 3, the Nexus 5 has a full HD 5-inch display. To give you some reference, Apple’s latest iPhone, the 5S, has a 4-inch display, making the Nexus 5’s a full inch larger. Whether this is good news or bad news depends on who’s using the phone, and how big they want theirs to be.

The 1.3mp front-facing camera isn’t a huge step up from the iPhone 5C’s, but it’s the rear facing one you should be interested in. The 8mp camera uses Optical Image Stabilisation to improve image quality, and has four new features to improve usability.

Auto Awesome

nexus 5 auto awesome

The Auto Awesome feature automatically creates animations, photo booth shots, and panoramas from your video and photo library. Making for a much more interesting way to browse through the images you’ve captured, and creating some new ones for you to share on social networks.

Low Light

nexus 5 low light

As far as feature names go, this is definitely one of the more obvious ones out there. Low Light helps you capture images in low light situations, focusing on capturing the light it detects from the nearest objects rather than every object it sees. The images we’ve seen captured using this feature look great so far, though it’s worth waiting to see what people outside of Google manage to capture with it before saying it’s the best low light feature ever.


nexus 5 hdr+

This feature is more subtle than the others, but no less impressive. HDR+ basically means that the Nexus 5 takes vivid images by day, and much sharper images by night, which makes it perfect for someone that wants to be able to take great pictures on their phone.


nexus 5 photosphere

The final feature will change what photos people post online drastically. Photosphere lets you take a 360-degree image, which you can then explore whenever you want. The inside of a building can be captured in its entirety, so someone in another country can explore the places you’ve visited.

The Nexus 5 will also automatically back up every photo and video that’s captured to the cloud, and enhance them as it does so to ensure you have the best quality videos and photos possible.

Technical Specifications

The Nexus 5 is the first smartphone to use Android 4.4, the latest version also known as KitKat. To find out more about the latest version or Android, read our recent blog post.

android 4.4 kitkat

The Nexus 5 has Dual-Band Wi-Fi and supports 4G, perfect for anyone wanting to use a lot of data on the go. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3GHZ processor is more than powerful enough for any user to do what they want with the phone, including playing new and better games, watching HD movies, and playing music from downloaded tracks or a range of radio stations. In addition, the Adreno 330 450MHZ GPU will help provide better graphics processing, resulting in a higher quality user experience. The usual hardware ports are included in the Nexus 5, allowing users to transfer data physically or boost their storage capacity.

The battery life of the new phone is said to be up to 300 hours of standby talk time, and 17 hours of actual talk time. Google has also released a new wireless charging pad for their latest smartphone, which does mean that, like the Nexus 4, the Nexus 5 can be charged wirelessly. The new pad will charge any device that offers Qi compatibility, with the only possible issue being that the charger has a charging range of around 4cm. Qi is an interface standard used in many devices, and operates by charging a device’s receiver from a charge point using electromagnetic induction.

While this feature is quite handy, it’s nothing when compared to the other technology available, which as a much wider charge radius. Overall however, the 2300mAh battery should provide hours of entertainment for any type of smartphone user, whether they mainly use the Nexus 5 for gaming, watching films, listening to music, or simply as a phone and nothing more.

nexus 5 movies

The phone is currently from the Google Play Store, though there is a feature on the official website that lets you search for your closest retailers. As you can guess, there are currently no retailers around the world that sell the phone, but we suspect they’ll start to pop up soon enough. You can also click a link to sign up for notifications on the Nexus 5 from T.Mobile should they be your provider of choice. Otherwise you can view the prices of the 16GB($349) and 32GB($399) phones and wonder if they’re worth investing in.

Anyone who ordered the Nexus 5 before they ran out of stock should have their new phone by November 5th. Any orders made after the out of stock declaration won’t be shipped for a couple of weeks, at which point there may be a clearer picture on what network providers are offering in terms of usage and price for the phone.

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