Reasons to use e-training in your organisation - 13 Nov 2013

We create medical training apps for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, who have opted for iPad apps or browser-based learning portals as the chosen platforms for training their sales reps.


We understand the critical importance of a pharma sales team having a thorough understanding of the medical products they’re selling, whether that’s bringing reps up to speed before a new product launch, or providing refresher training to build on existing knowledge.


There are many advantages to using e-training in the pharmaceutical industry, and in our experience, these are some of the reasons why equipping your team with an iPad full of interactive resources can be better than paper materials or classroom sessions:

Consistency – every learner can be provided with exactly the same comprehensive and complete resources, and can study the material at their own pace.

Effectiveness – learners often respond better to interactive and visually stimulating learning resources. Printed books and folders of paper are less exciting for the user and don’t have the same level of interactivity that prompts the learner to actively take part in their training. Videos, animations and interactive tests and quizzes make training more fun and more captivating.

Flexibility – the learning environment can be available at any time and any location where the user has access to a laptop computer or iPad. Classroom training sessions are far less flexible in their time and location, and printed materials are much more heavy and bulky, making it less easy for the individual to train while travelling or refresh their memory between sales meetings.

Trackability – learning progress and test scores can be automatically recorded so that learners have a quantified record of their own progress, and managers can quickly and easily see how their team is performing. Progress can be logged in a central location so there’s no need to wait for a physical meeting between sales reps and managers to review progress. Our training apps can be integrated with an organisation’s existing Learning Management Software.

Money saving – the cost to develop the e-training programme is often offset by the costs associated with traditional training: there’s no expenditure for printed training resources and subsequent reprints for amendments and corrections, and none of the expense associated with classroom training, such as the cost of the trainer, the venue, and travel costs for the team.

Quick and relatively easy to update – make amendments and corrections to training materials without costly reprints that also take a longer time to distribute to remote workers. When printed resources are updated, there may be a risk that the original, incorrect or outdated resource is not destroyed and continues to be used. When changes are made to a digital learning resource, the outdated or erroneous material can be deleted immediately, so that users always have only the best resources.

Environmental benefits – the CO2 footprint associated with e-learning is lower than that of producing printed training resources.

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