Watch Out For Augmented Reality In 2014

Watch Out For Augmented Reality In 2014 - 23 Dec 2013

During the course of 2013, there have been many augmented reality apps, some good and some bad. Sadly, there haven’t been enough successful attempts at creating a truly great augmented reality smartphone app to make people take notice of the technology, but 2014 is set to change that. Google released Ingress, an augmented reality game,…

It’s that time of year again!

It’s that time of year again! - 17 Dec 2013

Christmas is upon us and all of us in the Signature office are thinking about what we’d like to find under our Christmas trees.

What Is Touch Board?

What Is Touch Board? - 11 Dec 2013

Bare Creative recently opened a Touch Board page on the crowd funding website Kickstarter with a hugely successful response. The company beat their initial target of £15,000, receiving £122,907 from the community. But what is Touch Board, and how can it be used? Touch Board is a tool designed to make your projects interactive, smart,…