Why use the iPad for e-learning? - 22 Apr 2015

training on iPad

When considering which platform to use for e-learning at your organisation, there are several to choose from: browser-based systems designed for laptop or desktop PCs; apps for smartphone or tablet; or various forms of software package. There are good reasons to use each of these solutions, depending on the unique circumstances of the organisation, its learners, and the content of the training. But we’ve found the iPad to be a particularly great device to facilitate e-learning courses for a number of reasons:

Immersive experience

While a web browser-based learning experience can also work very well, there are some advantages to making a native iPad app: interface animations, seamless use of rich media such as videos, and interactive touchscreen features can be used to create an engaging learning experience. Moreover, the entire training app can be stored on the iPad, meaning that it can be used even when an internet connection isn’t available.

Broad suitability

The small form-factor and light weight of the iPad means that it makes a good tool for many types of worker, whether they’re based in a stationary position such as an office desk, or they’re frequent travellers. For most people, carrying an iPad with them doesn’t pose much of an inconvenience and the tablet is far more portable than a desktop PC, or even a laptop computer. Training can take place on the fly, when an employee is waiting for a meeting or travelling in a taxi, in addition to more formal times when learning has been scheduled.

Sophistication of learning environment

The processor and graphical capabilities of the iPad make it suitable for running complex simulations as well as more simple text-and-picture training experiences. Games can be sophisticated and rich, even utilising the iPad’s accelerometer to create interactions that involve tilting and moving the iPad itself, as well as touching objects displayed on the screen.

Emotional response

A learner’s emotional response to a training program, and therefore their concentration and openness to take in information, is influenced by the way that the material is presented to them. The iPad and its iOS operating system offer a very good user experience – the quality of the hardware, its ease of use and crisp, bright screen foster a fun and enjoyable learning experience that can put the user in a receptive mindset.

At Signature Digital we have experience creating enterprise training courses in many formats including browser-based Scorm portals and bespoke iPad apps – learn more here.

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