Spaced Learning - 5 Oct 2015

Spaced learning has been around since the 19th Century, but over the last few years there has been a big uptake on spaced learning in the field force of the pharmaceutical industry. Impressive headlines of up to 170% increase in retention have been pushed so it’s not hard to see how any company wouldn’t want this, especially in a field where correct information matters.

Meanwhile, there has also been a trend towards confidence based assessment. A testing method where the confidence of each answer is known – in addition to whether they answered the question rightly or wrongly. And again, it’s easy to see why this is important… what’s worse, a rep that doesn’t know information, or a rep that confidently gives the wrong answer? At Signature Digital we’ve been working on these incorporating these learning and testing methods into our products for some time.

We’ve been aiming with each iteration of our products to fully leverage the science behind these methods into making our products further increase the retention of knowledge. We’ve also added our experience of gamification to make the products even more accessible to each user, to make it more fun to learn. We’ve additionally be working on our administration and stats systems too, so that our clients gain insights into the knowledge of the users, and can quickly identify gaps in knowledge individually and through segmentation of users.

It’s important to know that the way you cram for an exam, is different to the way you learn for long-term memory. That’s why we review each published study that affects the learning goals of our clients, and this allows our expert technical team to produce apps that excel in learning technology. Coupling that with a team that knows how to deliver products within enterprise IT infrastructures, then with Signature Digital you have a winning partner for your team.

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