Full stack developer vacancy - 28 Sep 2017

We are looking for a full stack developer.  This role is part of a team that is responsible for the full lifecycle of a range our Signature platform and services.   The technology stack is a micro services architecture, built on top of a Docker infrastructure across a range of cloud and infrastructure providers.   We develop with Python and a range of frontend technologies ranging from Web (HTML and JavaScript REACT apps) through to native Objective C/ Swift mobile apps.

Although there will be opportunities to specialise, this role will require you to develop a working knowledge of the full stack.



  • Being part of a multi-disciplinary, agile product team
  • Quality, performance and security of the Signature Platform and Services
  • Designing the interfaces and protocols between client & server-side components
  • Coding primarily in Python and JavaScript.
  • Writing automated tests at unit, integration and functional level
  • Supporting other engineers, via pair programming, code walk-throughs and reviews
  • Maintaining the high standards of the team. This could be process based (e.g. design sessions), or following methodologies such as TDD and functional testing
  • Actively identifying and eliminating technical debt
  • Providing recommendations for continuous improvement, including tools and technologies
  • Beyond your team, sharing your expertise to improve Signature’s overall effectiveness

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