Internal Medical Education App

Working with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, in conjunction with a leading medical communications agency, we programmed an iPad training app for sales representatives used by thousands worldwide.

Working to strict deadlines we were able to produce an app that is teaching people about disease state, clinical studies, competitor products and sales calls. All of the content used in the app needed to be medical and legal approved, meaning time and accuracy were incredibly important during development.

The app uses a range of functionality to present users with the information they need in a format that is easy to read and allows them to have the best possible learning experience. This app is being expanded throughout the organization and is presently used in over 35 countries with 6 different languages.

All the content within the app can be exported in WORD and PDF format to give complete documents for local approval.

The App links directly via an API to the clients in-house enterprise LMS to give full reporting of course progress for each user. Updates to content can be delivered without IT department approval making the roll out of the app to the end-user countries much simpler and much more economical.

Internal Medical Education App
Gamification Quiz

Gamification Quiz

This gamification quiz helps pharmaceutical sales reps learn more, and/or reinforce existing knowledge about the products they are selling, as well as other areas, such as disease and clinical knowledge, to aid in the development of better sales techniques. Also, with the excellent statistics and reporting panel – managers can see valuable detail on their field force, and the training department have data to identify further training needs.

The game uses a variety of gamification techniques to encourage fast learning, promote competition between reps, and to maximize user engagement. Reps can win both individual and team points and achievements, they can also improve their game level to enable them to attempt harder questions.

This game was implemented in the US region of a major pharmaceutical company, requiring close working with internal IT and all stakeholders. It was run in the 8 weeks leading up to a national meeting and both the individual winners and the winning team were given prizes at the meeting. The data reported back enabled better allocation of the future training budget to increase ROI.

Articulate storyline design and build

The European Society of Cardiology’s mission is to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe. As part of that mission they produce training for doctors on all aspects of cardiology.

The ESC commissioned Signature Digital to design and build articulate training courses based on the ESC content. The courses were built to tight deadlines and requirements. We worked very closely with the ESC team both at their HQ and around Europe to make the projects a success.

With the high volume of expert content, over 200 courses with around 100 pages per course. Planning, dedication and attention to detail are essential!

Click here to view a short demo of an articulate storyline course.

Articulate storyline design and build
Annotated Digital Reprint

Annotated Digital Reprint

Signature Digital have produced interactive annotated digital reprints for multiple pharmaceutical companies.

With this product the rep can learn in depth the most important details of the clinical study information. They can tie the study detail to the exact place in the reprint so it’s easy to find when they are in a sales situation. We can also expand on the learning points and add extra information that talk around the study details.

Video and audio can also be added to make this a blended learning App that reps will love interacting with.


The Audi Insurance app contains several useful sections that serve to help users when they’ve had an incident in their car and need to make a claim. Contact information for Audi Insurance and a section on what you should do in this instance is provided, ensuring people are safe and able to check their cover. A torch is also built into the app to keep people safe as well as focused on resolving the situation.

In the immediate instance of an accident, users can simply call Audi Insurance at a tap of the screen, removing the need to search through policies for the right number. A section for user details can be filled out to speed up the claiming process, and a history of all claims can be accessed via the correct section in the app. Helpful tools are also included in the app, such as a parking reminder that helps them avoid parking tickets at pay and display car parks.

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres turned to Signature Digital when they needed an iPad App on a very tight deadline. One week to design and build an iPad App seemed unachievable, however with our work building iPad Apps for the pharma sector we’re consistent on meeting short deadlines.

Bridgetone Tyres are known for their dedication to delivering some of the highest levels of safety, reliability and performance. They wanted an iPad app to add fun and engagement for a large event for their clients.

Signature Digital put forward a variety of ideas for this iPad App development project, working with Bridgestone to design an app that met their objectives and fit with their audience. The result was an iPad quiz game that is exciting, but still educational about Bridestone’s products and conveys their big emphasis on tyre safety.


The Wine Society app allows users to indulge in their hobby anywhere. The app is split into relevant categories for great usability, allowing users to do anything they can on the website. From browsing for a good wine in their spare moments, to ordering one they know will go with their upcoming diner plans, users have a Wine Society experience that fits in with their busy lifestyles.

The Wine Society is known for it’s rich collective knowledge of wine, all of which is updated and accessible through the extensive range of content in the app. Countries, regions, years, grapes, and more can all be perused in someone’s time with this app. Users can access a wide range of functional processes that are as simple as purchasing songs on iTunes or reading a book on your iPhone. Each section of the app is backed up with a well thought out design, giving users all the information they need right at their fingertips.

The Wine Society


The e.on Power Cut Checker helped to put minds at ease when the lights went out. Users could type in their postcode to see whether the power cut they were experiencing was known of or not. If not, users could then report the power cut in their area via the app.

The app could still function without a postcode, accessing the user’s current location for information to search with. If the power cut was known, information on it would be displayed for e.on customers to read, sometimes alongside a reason for the it, such as repair and maintenance.

The app was built to process a range of information, from the time of day the power went out, to whether or not neighbors had any power. This gave e.on an accurate overview of the situation, meaning they could be more specific when advising whether or not they were aware of the power cut.

Pegasus Medical

The Pegasus Medical app gives GPs the ability to search for current jobs at their convenience. All jobs are kept up to date, allowing GPs to see whether they’re long or short-term, the location and pay of the position, and all relevant contact details to apply with.

The app allows users to search by both date, and location, meaning no matter whether they’re searching for a quick job nearby or a longer-term job further afield, if Pegasus has a vacancy available then it will appear for them. With each search, contact details are provided, all of which can be used at the tap of a screen thanks to the integrated functionality.

User information can be stored to for easy searching on a regular basis, and search results can be filtered to allow for more specific results. The usability of the app is exactly what GPs need from a job searching system, minimum search requirements, results all around the country, and both short and long-term positions.

Pegasus Medical

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