Medical Apps

Medical Apps

Working with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, and in partnership with leading medical writing agencies, we develop native apps that help sales reps learn about their products with an engaging and interactive experience.  Our apps provide information and training about disease state, clinical trials, competitor knowledge and the selling process.

Our apps will link to your in-house LMS to track your reps learning path, producing reports based on user, country or module. To help the learning experiance there are interactive games, video, audio and high quality artwork so that our apps make learning an interesting and rewarding activity. Our apps can be used for Foundation or Refresher training. The foundation training is usually linear in style and users have to achieve a pre-set passmark to advance, and with the Refresher training there is an initial assessment which ranks the sections by priority.

We know the biotech industry:

  • We can work to short deadlines if required
  • We know the medical and legal approval processes
  • We align with your exacting editorial personnel
  • We know about last minute label and content changes
  • We’re proactive about liaising with internal IT departments.

The result of our experience are apps that use a range of different styles and interactivity to present disease, treatment, and selling skills in a way that’s visually easy to understand, and optimized for learning.

We have successfully completed digital projects for Novartis, Roche, Pfizer, Genentech, J&J, Shire, AstraZeneca, the European Society of Cardiology… and more.

p.s. Some of our work is done through external medical writing and communication agencies, so if you may not want to jump through new-supplier hoops… then chances are we’ll have a partner that will already be an approved supplier.

Medical Apps

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