Custom Saba iPad App

Custom Saba iPad App

Our clients always want better than the standard, in this case it means a customised replacement Saba app for iPad, connecting to Saba Enterprise LMS.

One of the main problems facing our client was their field forces of thousands of global users wanting better access to their learning. They needed an easy way to be able to interact with Saba LMS. They had distributed their field force iPads, but wanted a more custom experience for their users than the default Saba Offline Player App. To meet compliance hurdles they also needed SSO sign-off within the app, something the Saba standard player did not have.

Signature Digital built a fully functional Saba offline player for iPad that connected using SSO to the Saba hosted installation, customising the interface so that the user experience was second to none. It downloaded offerings/courses/repositories, tracked the user through SCORM & completion and then sync’ed back statistics to the Saba API. We also built additional functionality that the Saba standard app doesn’t include.


  • Search and register for courses by using audience ID
  • User is not restricted to assigned courses
  • View courses by category on the iPad
  • Course sign-off for R&U
  • OKTA integration
  • Users see a customised dashboard according to audience ID & language

Our app is visually engaging, easy to use and puts the training in the employee’s hands – just when they need it.  The app can also include other training items, the type that are really useful but often get put on a SharePoint somewhere and forgotten about. So the app becomes a place you want to look, it’s useful to your job!

Expansions planned include adding gamification, leaderboards, spaced learning, non-course specific resources, course feedback mechanisms and more.

If you’re using Saba and want the best experience for your users, then get in touch now for a demonstration and more information…


Custom Saba iPad App

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