SCORM Training

SCORM Training

We design and build compliant, Articulate Storyline and HTML-based training courses using medical content provided to us from medical agencies, turning the content into SCORM compliant courses. All courses can fit multiple browsers and devices, including mobile phones, iPads and desktop computers.

All training modules we produce can be translated using our unique translation and localization tool, allowing us to deploy the modules we produce in any country and language required. We’re used to working to deadlines and have experience in dealing with aspects of projects such as legal and industry specific approval, meaning we can work to any timescale provided for a course.

We have worked with leading pharmaceutical companies and medical agencies to produce SCORM training modules that teach users about areas such as Cardiovascular, Hemophilia and Multiple Sclerosis. As the user progresses through each module they are tested on the information they have learned. The results of these tests are recorded and can be sent to the LMS.

Our services include:

  • Full design service from overall design concept to individual page design
  • Articulate Storyline professionals
  • HTML5 programming
  • Video editing
  • Image editing
  • Project management
  • Help with developing interactivity
  • Help with implementation
  • Localization and translation.

Using eye catching design with consistent user oriented features. Our in-house designed and programmed SCORM courses are produced at a reasonable cost to give agencies and pharma companies a great ROI.

Click here to view a short demo of an articulate storyline course.

SCORM Training

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